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Who Are We?

We are Andy and Ashley. We run a small, boutique web design studio in beautiful Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our journey began somewhere on the bleach-blonde, collagen-injected, too-sunny shores of Los Angeles, California. Andy hated it, and slowly convinced Ashley that NYC was where dreams were made. With little more than a wish, we quit our jobs, packed our bags, and headed east.

Why Should You Care?

Going it alone is tough. We gave up a few things in pursuit of this dream: health insurance, a regular paycheck, catered lunches, and (of course) tickets to conferences like this one. We are passionate about what we do, and are constantly striving to be better. Your contribution will help to make the web a better, smarter, nicer looking place to be.

Close, But Not Quite

Sometimes we take on more than we can handle (understatement of the year?), and whenever that happens, itís always the personal goals and projects that take the hardest hit.

Read the whole sad story at our blog »

Donate For Next Year!

We hate to beg, but donations are the best. Everyone who contributes will not only have our eternal gratitude, you'll also get your time in the limelight when we craft a stunningly beautiful thank you page (you can opt out if you're feeling altruistic and shy).

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